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Marketing / Media / Administrator and Trustee

About the opportunity

This position involves liaising with the Events Manager to promote events and the Ridgewood Village Hall Hiring facilities.

Ensuring all Media sites are up-to-date.

Advertising through Estate Agents boards, leaflets and Ridgewood Village Hall Newsletter, banners, website etc.

(This is not an exhaustive list of tasks)

About Ridgewood Village Hall

Local Community Centre.

What are they looking for?

This position would suit someone who is able to show good IT knowledge and proficient in using media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote the Hall.

Also ability to update the Hall website.

Practical Considerations

Must be able to attend four out of six meeting a year.

A written report to be submitted in advance of the meeting to the Chair Person whenever attendance is not possible.

Attendance at the Community Fund Raising Events is expected.

Must be able to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Must have

  • Relevant qualification or training
  • Will require references
  • Own computer or secure access to one

Ideal for

  • Over 18s
  • From home

Opportunity categories


  • Older people
  • Media
  • IT
  • Families
  • Marketing & Communications


  • Administration
  • Business Development
  • IT
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Social media

Skills gained

  • Creative
  • Listening
  • Organising
  • Design

Skills required

  • IT
  • Web design
  • Talking to others
  • Teamwork
  • Organising


  • Wed 2 Oct 2019 – Tue 31 Dec 2019
  • Monday – Friday
  • Saturday afternoons