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Volunteers, Committee Members and Trustees

Uckfield Community Fridge Campaign

This group is a new organisation starting in March 2020.

Its aim is to work share food that would otherwise be wasted.

The fridge is for everyone in the community to redistribute food and reduce waste, and to encourage sharing; bring people together and build trust in the community.

About this opertunity

We need a team of volunteers who can support us; to advertise our cause, engage with the community, establish us as a charity, and as the fridge.

We are at the start if the journey so anticipate attaching those with a can-do attitude, either interested in community fridges or interested in charity start-ups.

We will be looking for Trustee’s as well as committee members

For Further Information

For further information about this opportunity see the Uckfield Community Fridge Campaign details on the Do-it webpage on the following link