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Coronavirus Advice

How can you get reliable information and advice

Much has been said about coronavirus and what it means to us all.

The Government have been putting regular updates on their website. There is detailed advice on these web-pages for the types of environments we live in i.e. residential care, or with a vulnerable person etc.

Stay at Home: Isolate your household Coronavirus

The different terminology used and that the virus seems to have changed its name from Coronavirus to Covid-19 can make it a little bewildering. One is a common name and one is the clinical name.

However, some people are confused about what it means and whether it applies to them and their families.

Let us be clear, it means everyone within the UK, grandparents, parents, siblings, children, families, neighbours, police, politicians and total strangers. Everyone you see out of your window or would stand behind in the supermarket.

When they say we are in this together, that is exactly what they mean.

There is loads of advice and information out there and in these days of social media, it can be hard to know what is true and what is fake.  

Our advice to you is to stick to these official sources:

This way you will have the full facts and daily updates and not just scaremongering tactics or false unproven suggestions.