What does Brighter Uckfield do?

Brighter Uckfield mission statement reads… ‘we strive to ensure that Uckfield has a good feel to it by providing environmental enhancements and prevention of litter building up on our streets and recreational areas’.  There are many small pockets of land in and around Uckfield that don’t seem to belong to anyone and do not get any attention.  These areas are targeted by Brighter Uckfield as are often places where litter and unwanted items are dumped.  The area near Applegreen petrol station was one such area.  Brighter Uckfield took it upon themselves to clear the land, planted it with bulbs, placed attractive chains around it and now it’s a pleasure to see.

Litter bins overflow

A few years ago whilst the work was being done to the High Street in Uckfield, this organisation created and maintained flower beds including the two large beds near the traffic lights at the bottom of the town.  Areas such as the library where there’s a slope bed of plants, needs maintaining and Brighter Uckfield have taken it on as their responsibility.  At Piper’s Field off the Lewes Road, hedges have grown very high and have to be cut back.  Leaves at this time of year also need sweeping up.  Brighter Uckfield have been donated some very good tools from local businesses such as The Lions Club, The Rotary Club and The Chamber of Commerce.

Where do they meet?

Volunteers meet on Sunday mornings at 9am for a bit of ‘outside gym’ work in areas that need attention.  The station on a Sunday morning is one such area, where paper cups and other rubbish are just discarded on the ground. The High Street also gets regular attention.

The station often needs some tidying

Brighter Uckfield volunteers sometimes get comments from the general public – occasionally they are negative, such as asking why are you doing this and surely it must be the job of the local Council.  In these days of cuts, it was explained that the Council does not have funding for the icing on the cake and their money goes to more vital areas.

Heart warming moments

One morning when one of the volunteers was litter picking and clearing up one of the areas in Uckfield, a local resident took time to stop and say a few words.  He told the volunteer that Brighter Uckfield… ‘you’re doing a fantastic job and it makes me proud to live here’.  The volunteer explained that he was helping a voluntary organisation called Brighter Uckfield.  The following week the local resident came and found the same member of the team and gave him £5 towards the organisation.

Wonderful clean streets

Recently the Brighter Uckfield team targeted the corner of Mallard Drive. It was a mess; the shrubbery had become overgrown, so they went into it and started to clear.  They were given voluntary help by C J Thorne & Co who prepared the ground and together with Addagrip, laid down a new surface. The nearby Highlands Inn donated a bench.  A local chap gave his time to install it and a plaque was fitted.  All in all this area was transformed by volunteers and local businesses and it’s made a terrific difference to the area.

Collection boxes dotted around Uckfield

To find out more about Brighter Uckfield and to see what they’re up to go to their web site or facebook or contact them on brighteruckfield@hotmail.co.uk