Chailey Heritage Foundation

Chailey Heritage foundation is a pioneering charity providing education, care and transition services for young people with complex physical disabilities and health needs.

They are looking for volunteers for the following roles:

  • Patchwork Farm – Farm Volunteer
  • Occasional Fundraising
  • Volunteer Estates – Volunteer Driver(s)
  • Riding – Leader, side Walker, Runner Lead Volunteer


Farm Volunteer

The primary role of the farm volunteer will be to participate in the daily husbandry and daily routines of the farm which will include:

  • Preparing feed and water for the animals.
  • Clean, disinfect and maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Maintaining enclosures.
  • Daily record keeping and completion of all relevant animal paperwork.
  • Animal health checks and when required/instructed, give medication.
  • Assist the handling of animals for routine treatments such as foot trimming and shearing
  • Attend to the exercise, socialising and grooming needs of the animals when needed.
  • Assisting with the educational sessions/workshops for the YP or visiting groups

With the above in mind they are looking for volunteers who have:

  • A keen interest in animals, in particular farm animals.
  • Calm and confident with large and small animals or the willingness to learn to be so.
  • Good observational skills to notice changes in animals behavior .
  • The ability to communicate with a range of people (young people, teachers, teaching assistants, carers)
  • Be reliable and have a flexible approach to work tasks allocated and working hours.
  • The ability to carry out the role independently with minimum supervision.
  • Physically able to carry out practical tasks on a farm.


Occasional Fundraising Volunteer

The role of occasional fundraising would suit an enthusiastic and reliable person who enjoys meeting others and is interested in events. At our events, you would be representing Chailey Heritage Foundation, so an understanding of the importance of good supporter care/customer service is essential.

Occasional fundraising volunteer tasks may include:

  • Selling raffle tickets or assisting with bucket collections at events.
  • Supporting running events and other challenges by marshaling, manning bag drop-off, registering participants or handing out goody bags.
  • Representing their charity at exhibitions, expos and other third party events where we have a presence.
  • Supporting the small team in the fundraising office by fulfilling newsletters to their donors and assisting with other administrative tasks.


Volunteer Driver

The primary role of volunteer driver will include:

  • Undertaking checks of the vehicles required for the outing.
  • Making sure they are clean, tidy and fully equipped for the journey.
  • Record keeping and completion of all relevant paperwork.
  • Assisting with the loading/unloading of children/YP from the vehicle including the clamping and securing of the wheelchairs.

With the above in mind we are looking for volunteers who have:

  • Experience of driving minibuses or minibus size vehicles.
  • A full, clean driving license.
  • Willing to undergo relevant training.
  • The ability to communicate with a range of people (young people, teachers, teaching assistants, carers).
  • Be reliable and have a flexible approach.
  • The ability to carry out the role independently with minimum supervision.
  • Physically able to carry out the above.


Riding – Leader, Side Walker, Runner Volunteer

The role would suit an enthusiastic and motivated person who has an interest in assisting YP with disabilities, horses and likes being outdoors.

Volunteers will assist staff undertaking various tasks, including:

  • Preparing the horses for each session; grooming, tacking up and warming up if required.
  • Preparing the outdoor ride area.
  • Fetching riders from the classroom.
  • Assisting the physio/TA with the YP’s sling and hoisting.
  • Supporting the YP on the horse from the side at ground level.
  • Engaging the YP in games/activities on the horse.
  • Lead the horse during sessions, inc, controlling the horse during mount and dismount.
  • Focus on the goals of the riding session as explained by the physiotherapist.

The dress code for this role would be: outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather with safety footwear.

Lead Volunteer Role

This role would suit a sociable, self-motivated and enthusiastic individual who has an interest in supporting the fundraising team at various events locally.

Some of the events you may be asked to help with include the Brighton Half Marathon, The South of England Show, Bo Peep Hill Climb. They are also involved in various bucket collection, fundraising balls, fetes and their very own run.

In this role your main duties will be:

  • Support the fundraising team at various events.
  • Working with the general public to raise funds and raise awareness of Chailey Heritage Foundation.
  • Meeting a variety of people and encouraging them to support CHF.
  • Promoting volunteer vacancies within the fundraising team to increase the number of volunteers available to support at events.
  • Acting as the key point of contract for their volunteers at events that you are lead volunteering for.

They are looking for support from those with the following:

  • Ability to travel – You must be a car driver with access to a vehicle as you will be attending various events with equipment.
  • An interest and passion for fundraising.
  • Organisation skills.
  • Honesty and Responsibility – You will be responsible for handling money and CHF equipment at events.