Thank you to Joan for being our longest standing volunteer at Uckfield Volunteer Centre.

How long have you been helping out at the Uckfield Volunteer Centre?

It’s been 12 years as I started in 2005 when I retired from working at Dawson Hartley Solicitors after 34 years there.  I started as a receptionist and worked in the office with all the records until the company was computerised and my knowledge of filing the documents was no longer needed.  We had a huge filing system with various legal documents such as Wills and house Deeds which were all filed away in a large underground filing area.


How has it changed over the years?

I started working on Wednesday mornings 12 years ago and have been coming in ever since.  It was alot smaller in those days, open every day with the same manager in 5 days a week.  We would offer photocopying and information and help people who had recently moved to the area.


How long have you lived in Uckfield?

We moved here from Acton in West London in 1968 – to a newly built house on Manor Park, that more than 49 years ago in the same house!


How has Uckfield changed in the past almost 50 years?

It’s grown so much, there was no by-pass when we moved here and on a Saturday or Sunday in the summer the High Street was choc-a-bloc with traffic all trying to get to the coast.  It’s still a very friendly town and has everything you need.


What is your job at the Uckfield Volunteer Centre?

I deal with the Day Sheets, as we are a charity, we have to know exactly what our volunteers are doing and how we are helping the public.  We log all phone calls, photocopying, laminating and also keep track of the hearing aid batteries we hand out.

I also help with information, often people come in and would like to find out where the Citizens Advice Bureau is situated or they want to offer some time as a volunteer.


What do you like about volunteering?

I really like the opportunity to meet and talk to people, I think of myself as the ‘Chocolate Teapot’ – I make lots of cups of coffee and tea for the volunteers, I help the public with the photocopying too, and they are always polite and friendly.  I also help with our Members’ Lunches which are held a few times a year.