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The person needs to represent the charity at events.

About Children’s Respite Trust

When a family comes to the Children’s Respite Trust asking for support, the first port of call is always to see if all avenues have been exhausted to obtain respite from the local authority. This is important as the charity is not here to relieve the state of its obligations to support families in need.Help for families of disabled children through the provision of respite care and support in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

In many instances the Caseworkers are able to help the family achieve sufficient support from the state by building a case with them, putting it before the relevant panel and sometimes even fighting their cause directly on their behalf.

Sometimes they simply aren’t able to get the result that the family feel they need. For some that means not enough respite and for others that means no respite at all. Then they can begin providing respite directly, which obviously must begin with fundraising, as they cannot make a commitment to a family without first having the funds in place.

The cost of care can vary dramatically and often it will depend upon the complexity of a child’s medical needs. Respite stays are generally provided in private care homes and for those for whom it is suitable and the funds can be raised these short breaks are invaluable. They have been described to us as “God-sends” and “the difference between coping and not coping”.

Ultimately, the charity will one day need to provide respite from its own premises to be able to meet the demand as there simply isn’t enough suitable respite accommodation available. Consequently, in the future their fundraising focus will switch to seeking significant pledges for support for a major capital project.

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