Maresfield Village Meadows Trust (MVMT) exists to promote recreational and leisure time facilities and the protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in Maresfield and surrounding area.

The site facilities are wholly a natural open and woodland area enabling walking (with dogs on leads), picnicking in the open areas, taking photographs of the wildlife and painting .
As the main pond is both deep (1 metre) and contains a silt depth of up to 2 metres or more, there are signs indicating that swimming and water games are not permitted as it could be very dangerous.


If you would like to join in some social events organised by the Maresfield Village Meadows Trust, they are holding a Quiz Night on Saturday 22nd April in the Maresfield Village Hall.  There’s also a Members’ Open Day and BBQ on Sunday, 23rd on St George’s Day at the Normans Pond site just off Queens Drive, Maresfield.

If you enjoy Bingo, come along to the Bingo Night on Friday 31st March in the Marefield Village Hall, should be fun.  Lastly a date for the diary, the AGM is being held on Friday , 23rd June, in the Marefield Village Hall,  timing to be set but usually 7-7:30 with a complementary wine and cheese get together afterwards.  If you are interested in being involved, apart from regular volunteers to work on the site from time to time, they are looking for a admin person who is happy to come along to meetings, there are only a handful of meetings per annum, and are also looking for trustees who are interested in flora and fauna and would like to contribute to the continuation of this very special piece of ancient woodland.

The Trust looks for more Membership to provide both volunteers to aid the Woodland and Pond projects so if you like the idea of some physical activity, this could be for you.  The Main Pond is teaming with fish large and small ,the three principle Dragonflies ( Blue, Red and Green), is full of invertebrates that has enabled the Freshwater Habitats Trust to give a clean bill of health to the Main Pond water cleanliness in Sept/Oct 2016.  Work is always in progress if it’s not cutting back the Cherry Laurel and wild Rhododendron it is cutting a curve into the top part of the Main Pond to create a second island to be the refuge for the water fowl and cutting /shaping a footpath through the woods allowing for the growth and die back of the Blue Bells and Primrose. Currently the Trust is working to its first 5 Year Plan and it envisages that the cutback of the Laurel and removal of the large dead trees will take some 10 years.

Wildlife abounds, Heron, Kingfisher and some 12 other species. Natural England has confirmed the presence of one large Badger Sett and there are Reports from the Sussex Wildlife Trust that the site is likely to have 5 of the principle Batt types in the area. During Spring and Summer it is a painter’s and photographer’s potential paradise , so should you visit then bring your easel/paints or your camera. The Trust is always on the lookout for more Trustees, those who have a good background knowledge in environmental subjects and would like to help this 7 acre site with its Ancient Woodland (from the Woodland Trust) and more Members as it is their donations in the form of annual subscriptions and support at events that keeps the Trust and its activities viable.


If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch directly with the Maresfield Village Meadows Trust by clicking on the website contact page.

They’d be very pleased to hear from you.