Heard about this caring group for the blind & partially sighted? Their monthly meetings are full of interest and perfect place to meet people with similar difficulties and ideas about how to manage.

How long has this caring group been going?

Initially, Jill Sampson first heard of the Uckfield Blind & Partially Sighted Social Group when her father in law came to stay with her and her husband in the 1990’s.   Jill tells us how she got involved.  “All blind people need to be registered with Social Services. Her family then had a visit fro a social worker who gave them information about the group. This group meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Streatfield House.  Initially the social group collected my father in law and took him taken to the first meeting.  From then on I offered to transport him and picked up others on my way so I met some lovely people”.

As time went on Jill found herself happily getting more involved in The Uckfield Blind & Partially Sighted Social Group and now runs the committee.  Alan who also came along to visit our Volunteer Centre, is one of the other longstanding volunteers.

What else is available for blind & partially sighted people?

The social group in Uckfield are under the umbrella of the East Sussex Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted who run instruction classes for various visual aids and vision awareness training.In fact you would be amazed at how many useful gadgets are available.

East Sussex Association for the Blind & Partially Sighted run training events

The gadgets range from sensors that clip on the side of your tea cup to check that the cup is filled to the right amount, to talking microwaves and you can even have colour sensors to allow you to co-ordinate your outfits.  There are a huge range of items to make life easier for those who have not got the sight that we all take for granted.

What happens at the monthly meetings?

This is a chance to get together and talk through situations. Other members often have tips about how to make life easier.  So what sort of events does Jill organise?  There’s a variety of activities; at the beginning of the year the group meet at The Highlands pub for a belated delicious Christmas lunch.In June they went to the Llama Park for afternoon tea. The staff there brought out one of the LLamas and members were able to touch them. One of the older members of the group, commented about how he really could visualise what a Llama looked like having never actually seen one.

How can you help?

Finally, do you have a few hours once a month and would like to help out?  If so, please get in touch with ESAB.  There are many opportunities available, including befriending and some much needed secretarial support for the Uckfield group as well as driving members to and from meetings.

Give Ian a call on 01323 832252, he would love to hear from you.