Did you know? …

…that Uckfield has two very special natural green areas which are protected? Hempstead Meadows and West Park are two very different, unspoilt areas where we can walk and enjoy the open air, exercise our pets and admire the beauty of nature and listen to bird song.
…that you can become involved
and have a ‘real’ say in how the community can get involved, promote and preserve these precious resources for everyone to appreciate?

Paul Meakin

Paul Meakin

Local Councillor Paul Meakin (pictured above with his dogs!) is one of the organisers of the Supporter’s Groups.

‘Supporters Groups’

To create greater public awareness and involvement with these two reserves, we are creating new Supporters Groups, in partnership with residents and Councillors. We are looking for volunteer residents, for each reserve to create new ‘Supporters Groups’.

What are they and what will they do?

A group of committed volunteers, working together to support and promote our local Nature Reserves for the benefit of nature and the community.

The main purpose of Supporters Groups is to increase awareness, understanding and use of these special areas. This will be achieved by organising and running activities such as open days and events to learn about local wildlife, educational activities for our local schools, research and walking tours of interest. Also, these groups will be able to assist the Ranger in the practical day to day activities of caring for the reserves.

The aim of the groups:

• To encourage the community to use the local nature reserves and enjoy their full potential, fostering an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, personal involvement, pride and respect.
• To encourage the wider community to participate in public activities in the LNRs and link with other groups and organisations to promote active involvement, learn about plants, wildlife and our environment.
• To promote the interest of the local community in the conservation, enhancement and protection of the reserves by participating in the fieldwork and educational activities of the Ranger.
• Create a self managing organisation for the Supporters group to oversee, plan and organise appropriate activities within the LNRs to achieve these objectives.

How Can You Help?

Are you concerned about nature?
Keen to help conserve local wildlife habitat?
Want to learn more about local wildlife?
Have experience of organising events?

If you can say YES to all the above, you have free time to help the Ranger and have commitment and enthusiasm, then joining our support groups is for you.
There is no membership fee and all we ask for is commitment and enthusiasm. Just contact Paul on  01825 749779 or email him: paulmeakincouncil@gmail.com