We are very pleased to welcome Uckfield Yoga as a new business member of the Uckfield Volunteers Centre.  Grace Annand who is a very well established yoga instructor, has recently moved into the studio space above our offices.

With it’s wonderful studio space in the Uckfield High Street minutes from the Uckfield Picture House cinema and the library, Uckfield Yoga offers yoga for everyone.

How was Uckfield Yoga started?

Twenty years ago, Grace Annand started practising yoga and was hooked.  She then trained as a teacher and began her teaching career.  She had a dream of bringing yoga to Uckfield.  She has done this very successfully, initially holding classes in various parts of the town, from school halls, gyms and studio space but this was always a temporary arrangement.  Recently Grace has taken over a fabulous space above the Uckfield Volunteer Centre.  The space is 100 sq m approx and she runs all sorts of yoga classes.

What type of classes are on offer?

Apart from the general classes, Uckfield Yoga offers a number of specialised classes to benefit the elderly, children of all ages and those with mobility difficulties.The classes are fun and relaxed and Grace creates a tranquil space and gives friendly support along the way.  ‘Yoga is not a competition and everyone has different limitations – don’t push yourself too hard’.

She walks around the class with her encouraging comments, improving postures and enables students to progress without realising it!  For those who are looking for a few private sessions to learn the basics before joining a class, contact Grace Annand to arrange.a class.

Apart from beginners and baby yoga, Grace offers ashtanga, dynamic, vinyasa flow,  pregnancy classes and even weekend workshops She has invited other highly qualified instructors to teach their classes at various times in the week enabling Uckfield Yoga to offer a comprehensive variety of yoga styles.

If you are a yoga instructor looking for space to run classes, please contact Grace (details below) to find out more. For those who would like to find out more about the classes, click here

If you have any questions, please call Grace on 01825 763591 or 07966284139
or email graceannand@hotmail.com
or even facebook her at facebook.com/UckfieldYoga/

If you’re looking for something to improve your wellbeing in the New Year, Uckfield Yoga might be just what you’re looking for.