The Benefits of Volunteering
Meet new people
Volunteering gives you a fantastic opportunity to widen your social circles and make new friends – connecting you to your community in a different way which will give you lasting pleasure. Perfect if you’re feeling isolated for any reason.

Improve health and well-being
Research on the subject is conclusive! Volunteering leads to better physical and mental health and it’s been shown that older volunteers benefit the most.

If you’re interested, read all about it here.

Boost confidence and self-esteem
Putting your skills to good use in a way that will help others and be appreciated does wonders for the way you feel about yourself, especially when there have been big changes in your circumstances. You’ll notice the impact in other areas of your life too.

Enhance your CV and employment chances
According to a survey by Time Bank and Reed Employment, (July 2009) 73% of UK’s leading businesses agreed that they would choose to employ someone who’s been a volunteer over someone who hasn’t. You could also get some great references and have the opportunity to try out new skills if you fancy a change in career direction.

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