Volunteers are paid in six figures …..

S-M-I-L-E-S – Gayla Maire

7 surprising benefits of Volunteering

If you've ever had the chance of volunteering, you may find that you feel a little skip in your step afterwards, you've given your time and energy to someone who has needed the help.  Yes there are benefits of volunteering. When we volunteer, we may see changes and...

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Look out for the girl with the blue hair!

Look out for the girl with the blue hair! Suzanne has recently joined us at the Uckfield Volunteer Centre as an office volunteer. She saw the opportunity on the Do-It website. “Hello, my name is Suzanne, and I have just begun volunteering at the Uckfield Volunteer...

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Sussex Horse Rescue Trust

  Sussex Horse Rescue Trust (SHRT) was established in 1964. Since then, hundreds of rescued or unwanted equines of all ages and backgrounds have come into our care, often having been starved, abused or neglected. SHRT currently looks after approximately 80 horses,...

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Find out more about the Uckfield Rotary Club

I recently met Charles House for coffee to find out more about the Rotary Cub of Uckfield. Charles is president of the club, initially joining an Eastbourne Club in 1987 and moving to Uckfield in 2006. What was it that attracted Charles to the Rotary club?  Charles...

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